2012 Teen Pregnancy Prevention Mini-Grants

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina (APPCNC), the statewide advocacy and education organization for adolescent pregnancy, has set a ten-year goal of reducing adolescent pregnancies by 30% by 2020 and we support this goal. In order to meet this goal, we need broad community involvement from all of the following key stakeholder groups: parents, our schools, faith communities, community organizations, medical providers and our youth. The factors that contribute to teen pregnancy are too complicated for a single organization or intervention to solve.

Recognizing this, Women’s Fund members voted overwhelmingly to support a mini-grant program that will provide seed funding to organizations to start, implement or expand a teen pregnancy prevention program.  The mini-grant funding was to support organizations to specifically address teen pregnancy prevention through one or more of the following:

*  programs that teach youth comprehensive information about adolescent sexuality and the skills necessary to delay sexual activity and/or reduce risk behavior;
*  programs that facilitate better parent-child interaction and communications about sex and sexuality;
*  programs that increase awareness of and access to sexual health information, reproductive health services, and contraception for youth.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Mini-Grant Recipients

The following nine organizations were awarded teen pregnancy prevention mini-grants by The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem to help them implement teen pregnancy prevention programs within the context of their current programming. The organizations that are receiving mini-grants will be adopting one or more comprehensive curricula that they will be trained in and will then use with the populations that they already work with.  The Women’s Fund is sponsoring the curricula trainings and materials purchases. The organizations will receive mini-grant funding to help cover the costs to implement the programs.   The grants range in size from $650 to $2500 for a total of $13,677.  In addition, The Women's Fund will pay for their curriculum materials and the curriculum trainings, costing approximately an additional $14,800.

Children’s Home Society of North Carolina, Inc received a mini-grant to support the expansion of the Wise Guys program in Forsyth County in middle and high schools, alternative and private schools, community-based organizations, and faith-based organizations.

Communities in Schools of Forsyth County received a mini-grant to support adoption of the Making Proud Choices curriculum which will be offered to participants in their after school programs.

Forsyth County Department of Public Health received a mini-grant to support a peer education program in which youth will be trained to educate their peers on issues related to teen pregnancy prevention.

Goler Institute for Development & Education, Inc (GIDE) received a mini-grant to support integration of the Making Proud Choices, Smart Girls, and Wise Guys programs into their Youth Education Academy (YEA) and the Parents Matter program into the family involvement component of YEA.

Instilling and Mentoring Positive Attitudes and Character Traits (IMPACT) received a mini-grant to support using the Making Proud Choices curriculum with at-risk youth from the Cleveland Avenue development and surrounding areas.

Imprints received a mini-grant to implement the ¡Cuídate! curriculum with Latino youth from El Buen Pastor’s summer camp program as well as the Parents Matter curriculum with their parents.

Operation Xcel received a mini-grant to support incorporating the Making a Difference and Smart Girls curricula into their existing youth enrichment programs and will use the Parents Matter curriculum with the parents of youth in the program.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs received a mini-grant to support implementation of the ¡Cuídate! curriculum with Latino youth at the International Boys & Girls Club as well as the Wise Guys curriculum at both the International Club and the Ken Carlson Boys and Girls Club. In addition, the Smart Girls program will be offered at the Ken Carlson site and the Parents Matter curriculum will be offered at both sites.

Top Priority Care Services Outreach, Inc received a mini-grant to support implementation of the Smart Girls and the Wise Guys programs in their Teens with a Vision program.

About the Curricula that will be used:

The curricula/programs that will be implemented are among the most frequently used in North Carolina after-school programs and community-based settings. All have been evaluated and have demonstrated success in changing behavior related to teen pregnancy such as delaying the initiation of sex, improving contraceptive use, and/or decreasing teen pregnancy.  The following programs will be used by The Women’s Fund’s teen pregnancy prevention mini-grant grantees. 

¡Cuídate! ¡Cuídate! is a six-module curriculum that helps Latino youth develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to act in ways that will support good health and protect them from serious risks related to sexual behavior. ¡Cuídate! includes cultural beliefs related to abstinence and condom use. Program activities show these attitudes and beliefs in a positive way.

Making Proud Choices: A Safer Sex Approach to HIV/STD and Teen Pregnancy Prevention. Making Proud Choices is an eight-module curriculum which includes a focus on the reasons and strategies to delay sexual initiation as well as skills for defining personal goals, negotiating safer sex, and correctly using contraceptives, including condoms. It is targeted at middle school African American, Hispanic and White adolescents.

Making A Difference: An Abstinence Approach to Prevention of STDs, HIV and Teen Pregnancy. Making A Difference is an eight-module curriculum that provides young adolescents with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV, and pregnancy by abstaining from sex. It is targeted at middle school African American, Hispanic and White adolescents.

Smart Girls Life Skills Training. Smart Girls provides the skills and information for adolescent girls ages 11 to 16 to be “Smart Girls,” making smart decisions who grow up to be smart women who are ultimately happy, healthy and successful in life. It is an abstinence plus approach to teen pregnancy prevention that involves sharpening decision-making and self-esteem building skills, creating positive life goals and strengthening family connections.

Wise Guys. Wise Guys is a flexible 8 to 12 session program for 11-17 year old males that relates responsibility and teen pregnancy prevention to self-esteem, values, healthy relationships, human sexuality, decision-making, and goal setting.

Parents Matter. Parents Matter is a five-session evidence-based prevention program for parents of pre-teens (9-12). This community-level family prevention program is designed to enhance protective practices and promote parent-child discussions about sexuality and sexual risk reduction.


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