Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just give directly to my favorite charitable organizations?
By giving to The Women's Fund you are leveraging your gift through the power of collective giving. This allows your gift to make a greater impact because it is combined with others to make grants to organizations that are transforming the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County. Organizations that do the best work serving women and girls need much more money. A goal of The Women's Fund is to stimulate new and increased giving by focusing more attention on women's issues. We hope that individuals will give to both The Women's Fund and their favorite organizations.

I would like to be part of a group; how do I find other women to be in a group with me?
First, think of the women you know as potential group members. Group memberships are formed from churches, synagogues, work, neighborhoods, families, book and garden clubs, and many other formal or informal networks. Our most successful groups are those in which the women already have a connection to each other. If you cannot find other women to join you in a group, we can place you in an existing group or help you identify women to form a new group.

Who can become members?
Anyone can become a member of the Women's Fund.

Would you come to speak to my organization about membership in The Women’s Fund?
Yes. We would love to talk to your organization about The Women’s Fund. Send Andrea Hulighan an email with your request.

How does the Fund use membership dollars?
Grants: 65% of each membership goes into our grants fund for investment back into the community. The amount available to grant each fall is determined by how much is raised through memberships and other contributions by the end of June of that year. 

Endowment: 25% of each membership goes into our endowment fund to build for future generations of women and girls. Currently, The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem is reinvesting all income earned on the endowment funds. 

Programs & Outreach:10% of each membership goes into our program and outreach fund. This is used for member events, outreach materials, and other general operating costs such as our membership in the Women’s Funding Network. The Winston-Salem Foundation pays the salary of our Director and significant administrative and operating costs. We would like to thank The Winston-Salem Foundation for their generous support, which allows the majority of our income to be invested back into the community to create social change that benefits the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County.

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