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The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem is Requesting Grant Proposals
Camel City Dispatch - May 2015 

Women's Fund Awards $105,000 in grants

Winston-Salem Journal - November 2014

One Million in Change

Forsyth Woman Magazine - November 2013

Rape & Sexual Assault: Private Violence, Community Impact
Forsyth Woman Magazine - June 2013

Sisterhood of Giving
The Chronicle - 12-18-12

Women's Fund is Making a Difference (Editorial)
Winston-Salem Journal - 12/13/12

Women Helping Women
Forysth Woman Magazine - December 2012

Women's Fund awards $144,580 in grants
Winston-Salem Journal - 11/28/12

The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem
Forsyth Woman Magazine - November 2012

Let's Talk Month
Forsyth Family Magazine - October 2012

Teen pregnancy: Community concern, community solutions, op-ed by Tari Hanneman
Winston-Salem Journal -2/14/2012

Fund awards more than $109,000 in grants
The Chronicle - 11/17/2011 (pg. 4-5)

Women’s initiatives awarded grants in Forsyth
The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area - 11/15/2011

Women's Fund gives $109,000 to six nonprofits
Winston-Salem Journal - 11/11/2011

The Women's Fund is on the move, op-ed by Dr. Allison Brashear
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/4/2011

The Women's Fund: Dedicated women building a tide of change
Winston-Salem Journal  - Editorial - 10/12/2011

Decisions, decisions: Women's Fund members choose grant projects
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/4/2011

The Augustine Project for Literacy:  Literate Girls Program
Forsyth Family Magazine - June 2011

Graduating Green:  Forsyth Tech is giving women the opportunity to build a greener future
FOCOWOJO (Forsyth County Women's Journal) - April/May 2011

Love Shouldn't Hurt:  Teens-4-Change Show Peers that Love and Violence Have Nothing in Common
FOCOWOJO (Forsyth County Women's Journal) - Feb/March 2011

She's So Skirt! Michelle Cook – Fund Founder
Skirt! Winston-Salem - January 2011

Five Years of Successful Service:  Women philanthropists celebrate but don't rest
Forsyth County Women's Journal - Dec. 2010/Jan. 2011

The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem Celebrates Five Years
Forsyth Woman Magazine – 12/2010

Lucky Number 5: Women’s Fund Celebrates Five Years of Service
Winston-Salem Journal - 11/9/2010

WOMAN TO WOMAN: Group continues to help
Winston-Salem Journal – 11/4/2010

Women’s Fund Hands Out Seven Grants
The Chronicle – 11/4/2010

Five founding members of Women's Fund honored at luncheon
Winston-Salem Journal – 11/3/2010

Fund Founders to be Honored at Luncheon October 28, 2010
The Chronicle – 10/28/2010

A fund and the 'Fab Five' making a difference, Op-Ed by Scott Wierman, president, Winston Salem Foundation
Winston-Salem Journal – 10/16/2010

A Fight Not Won
Winston-Salem Journal - 4-30/2010

Economic Security at Risk for Local Women and Girls
The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area - 4/30/2010 

Report: Gender gap wide in Forsyth
The Chronicle 4/29/2010 

Study shows disparities for Forsyth Women
The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area - 4/28/2010 

State of Women Report Issued
WXII-12 - 4/27/2010 

Seeking Equality: Women's Fund chief has numbers now to present case about women, poverty
Winston-Salem Journal - 4/27/2010 

Winston-Salem women's giving lauded
Philanthropy Journal - 12/1/2009 

The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem
Forsyth Woman - 12/1/2009 

Woman to Woman: Fund nears $500,000 in grant giving
The Chronicle - 11/19/2009 

Women's Fund gives more than $162,000
Winston-Salem Journal - 11/12/2009 

Women's Fund is taking grant applications
The Chronicle - 5/21/2009 

700+ Women =$170,000
The Agitator - 5/20/2009 

Winston-Salem women to award grants
Philanthropy Journal - 5/14/2009 

Winds of Change: The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem: Paying it forward to better the lives of women and girls
Winston-Salem Monthly - 5/1/2009 

Membership model builds diversity
Philanthropy Journal - 1/29/2009 

Winston-Salem women target prevention
Philanthropy Journal - 11/6/2008 

The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem Bringing About Social Change
Forsyth Woman - 11/1/2008 

Women's Fund Opens Up it's Purse/Grants Awarded to local agencies
The Chronicle - 10/23/2008 

Women's Fund gives grant to the E-Girls
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/17/2008 

YMCA present honors to female visionaries
The Chronicle - 4/11/2008 

Winston-Salem women give back
Philanthropy Journal - 12/12/2007 

Charging On
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/9/2007 

GOOD WORKS: Luncheon Celebrates The Women's Fund
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/9/2007 

Women's Fund helps Hispanic teen Mothers
Winston-Salem Journal - 10/3/2007 

SISTERHOOD: Group takes action to give women, girls help they need
Winston-Salem Journal - 1/21/2007 

NEW Giving
Winston-Salem Journal - 11/16/2006 

New Fund is Aimed at Helping Women: Women Who Donate do it Differently from Men, Organizers Say
Winston-Salem Journal - 8/28/2005 


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