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Previous Editions of The Women's Fund Newsletter

December 2019

September 2019

June 2019

March 2019

December 2018

October 2018
- Let's be Champions of Change 
- WF Member Group Spotlight
- Special Reminders

August 2018

- Let's Vote, Let's Discuss
- Honoring Champions of Change
- Special Reminders/Save the Date

June 2018

- The Women's Fund Advocacy Playbook
- Congratulations ACEY Group!
- Special Reminders/Save the Date

April 2018 

Impacting Lives Through Philanthropy
- Staff News 
- Honoring Women Who Inspire Us 
- Women's Fund Group Spotlight
- The Advocacy Playbook 
- Special Reminders/Save the Date

December 2017

-Twelfth Annual Women's Fund Luncheon
-2017 Grants
-Annual Women's Fund Membership Renewals

October 2017

-ACEY Group Celebration
-Special Reminders/Save the Date

August 2017

-Let's Vote, Let's Discuss
-Honoring Those Who Inspire Us
-Social Change Exchange- Feature Story
-Special Reminders/Save the Date
-Ask Alison 

June 2017

-Grant Proposals
-Fund Do Party Recap
-Special Reminders/Save the Date
-Ask Alison

April 2017

-Fund Do Party

-Winston-Salem Women Making History
-Membership Renewal
-Ask Alison

February 2017

- Wise Guys
- International Women's Day
- Fund Do Party 2017
- Membership Renewal
- Ask Alison

December 2016

-Eleventh Annual Luncheon
-Committee Members Needed
-Fund Do Party 2017
-IRA Rollover Advantage
-Ask Alison

September/October 2016
-Grantee spotlight
-Let's Vote, Let's Discuss
-Save the Date
-Tribute Gift Reminder
-TEDx Winston-Salem Women
-Ask Alison 

March/April/May 2016
-Fund Do Party 
-Film Series Reminder
-Request for Proposals
-Renewal Reminder
-Ask Alison

January/February 2016

-Group Spotlight: Group 61
-New Board Members
-International Women's Day
-Fund Do Party
-Ask Alison

November/December 2015
-Luncheon Recap and Grantees Announced
-Second Look Through a Gender Lens Report Released
-New Events for 2016
-Call for Committees 
-Year-End Gift Reminder
-Ask Alison

August/September 2015
-Grantee Spotlight
-Social Change Exchange
-Let's Vote! Let's Discuss!
-Understanding Our Community - By the Numbers 
-Tribute Gift Reminder
-Women's Summit
-Ask Alison

May/June 2015 
-Member Spotlight
-Request for Proposals
-Social Change Exchange
-Save the Date
-Ask Alison

March/April 2015
-International Women's Day a success
-Social Change Exchange
-Grant Proposals
-Renewal Reminder
-Ask Alison

January/February 2015

-Group Spotlight: Fourth Street Funders
-New Board Members
-2015 Participant Scholar Program
-International Women's Day
-Board Chair Q&A

November/December 2014
-Women's Fund Announces 2014 Grant Recipients
-The Time is Now.  The Difference is You.
-Staff Announcement

September/October 2014
-Wise Guys - Teenage Pregnancy Prevention is Not Just for Girls
-The Women's Fund has Moved!
-Let's Discuss and Let's Vote
-Take Time to Honor Those Who Inspired You

June/July 2014
-Local Girls Experience a Summer of Empowerment
-Take Your Women's Fund Group to a New Level
-Mentoring Program Helps Young Women Find their Voice

-Save the Date! 2014 Luncheon

March/April 2014
-Social Change Exchange: Human Trafficking
-WFU Students Kick Off Membership Drive
-Welcome 2014 Participant Scholars
-Women's Fund Releases 2014 Request For Proposals

January/February 2014
-ACEY Group
-New Women's Fund Board Members
-Expanded Membership Levels

November/December 2013
-2013 Grants Announced
-Celebrating $1 Million in Change

September/October 2013
-Annual Luncheon
-Let's Vote Let's Discuss
-Tribute Gifts

July/August 2013
-Women's Fund names new director
-Passionate Conversation: Social Change Exchange
-Teen Pregnancy Prevention Mini-Grant Update

April/May 2013

-Child Care Provider Reaches for the Stars
-Rape & Sexual Assault Issue Brief
-Welcome Participant Scholars
-2013 Grant Guidelines

February/March 2013
-Grantee Partners Exceed Goals
-New Board Members
-2013 Research Focus: Violence Against Women

October/November 2012 eNews
-The Status of Women in North Carolina
-Let's Talk Month
-The Power of Women's Philanthropy

August/September 2012 eNews
-Michele Ozumba to Speak at 7th Annual Luncheon
-Grant Review is Underway
-Women's Emerging Leadership Program

May/June 2012 eNews
-Focus on: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
-Teen Pregnancy Mini-Grants
-Mini-grant spotlight: Imprints and El Buen Pastor

March/April 2012 eNews
-Focus on: Teen Pregnancy
-Grantee Spotlight:  My Aunt's House
-Women's History Month
-Honor Thy Mom!

November/December 2011 eNews
-Passionate Women, Passionate Giving
-Grantee Partner Expresses Gratitude
-The Fund Welcomes Six New Board Members
-Make A Difference with your Holiday Gifts

August/September 2011 eNews
-The ACEY Group: Actively Engaged
-Social Change Exchange: Teen Pregancy
-The Augustine Project for Literacy: Literate Girls
-The NC Governor's Conference for Women
-Women's Emerging Leadership Program

May/June 2011 eNews

-Social Change Exchanges Promote Dialogue
-Focus Group: Unitarian Universalist Women
-Grant Process Underway
-Meet Participant Scholar: Lesley Lamb

 March/April 2011  eNews
-In Pursuit of Inclusiveness
-Introducing the Social Change Exchange
-What's Your group Doing?

Fall 2010
-The Women's Fund Awards $142,725 to Seven Local Nonprofits
-Fifth Anniversary Luncheon: An Inspiring Celebration
-Growing our Fund

Summer 2010
-Through a Gender Lens Research Report gets Community's Attention
-Grant Process Underway
-The Women's Fund to Award Membership to Participant Scholars

Spring 2010
-Making an Impact:  Grantee Update
-The Women's Fund welcome Sharee Fowler and Holly Marion to the Board of Directors

Fall 2009
-Women's Fund Announces 2009 Grant Recipients
-Help us Share our Message, Engage More Women in our Work
-White Space Gallery Hosts Participant Scholar Annual Gathering

Spring 2009
-Third Year of Grantmaking Now Underway 
-New Website Helps Engage and Motivate Our Community
-Reasons to Believe in the Power of Collective Giving 
-June Monthly Social Invitation

Winter 2009
· Women's Fund hosts new monthly social gathering
· Women's Fund grantees use new tool to improve accountability, measure social change

Fall 2008
· Second round of grants ($182,000) awarded to nine local nonprofits
· 2007 grantees share results of our investment

Spring 2008
· Membership totals 666 women and girls, including 164 individual and 75 group memberships
· First member survey seeks ideas to improve effectiveness
· The Women's Fund articulates five values to guide judgments and actions: philanthropy, inclusion, community, empowerment social justice

Winter 2007
· First round of grants ($144,022) awarded to seven local nonprofits
· Women’s Fund announces four focus areas as priorities: health and safety, family issues, self-sufficiency, and leadership and empowerment
· Membership totals 609 members, including 153 individual and 456 group memberships
· Featured Member: Helen Monroe, 2007 recipient of Sara Lee Center for Women's Health “Share and Care” award

Summer 2007
· Members to vote on 10 grant applications representing $254,315 in community need
· The Women's Fund articulates vision
· Needs Assessment Committee releases “Current Status of Women and Girls in Our Community”

Spring 2007
· Membership totals 377 women and girls, including 143 individual and 39 group memberships
· Grants review committee releases Grant Applications and Guidelines for the Fund
· Women’s Fund Committees seek member involvement

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