Status of Women & Girls

Some facts about the status of women & girls in Forsyth County.

Women and girls make up approximately 52% of the population.

The number of Hispanic women and girls is 19,815. 

Women now comprise nearly 53.4% of the workforce in Forsyth County, but only 40% of the full-time workforce. 

Among full-time workers, women in Forsyth County earn 79 cents for every dollar earned by men. 

21.7% of females live in poverty. Of this, 50.6% are Hispanic females, 34.2% African American females, and 16% for white females. 

31% of households in Forsyth County live in Asset poverty. 

Since 2010, the average monthly rate for quality childcare in Forsyth County has risen from $426 to $528 for a four-year-old. 

The teen pregnancy rate in Forsyth County is 32.7%. 

87.6% of girls are graduating high school. 

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