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Women’s Fund Grant to Crisis Control Ministry’s Breaking the Cycle Program Helps Women Become Self-Sufficient through Skills Training and Access to Resources

Just out of an alcohol rehabilitation program, Linda* needed help getting her life together. The 46-year-old mother of three grown children needed a place to live but lacked enough money for rent. After landing a job as a home health aide, she fell ill. Linda had to reduce her work hours, making it hard to pay her bills. Wanting to be independent but lacking the resources, she often turned to Crisis Control Ministry, a long-respected agency that provides emergency assistance to low-income clients.

In 2008, Crisis Control Ministry developed Breaking the Cycle to help repeat clients gain self-sufficiency. By addressing the root causes that prevent individuals from becoming self-sufficient -- illiteracy, unemployment, lack of education and job training, and access to affordable housing and childcare--case manager Chelsea Franzese teaches program participants budgeting skills, aid them in their job search, link them to appropriate community resources, and direct them toward education opportunities. A 2008 grant from The Women’s Fund enabled Crisis Control Ministry to expand the program to include educational materials, transportation and childcare assistance.

Most of Breaking the Cycle participants are single women. Many have low self-worth and self-confidence. Franzese works one-to-one to help her clients plan for future crises and maintain their households with little or no emergency assistance. Linda joined Breaking the Cycle, working with Franzese to establish goals and design a work plan with strategies on how to achieve them. Since participating in the program, Linda has become a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant. She has found transportation to and from her new job. She works on budgeting and saving. And she has been working toward completing her GED by the end of 2009, so she can advance in the nursing field. She has not needed financial assistance from Crisis Control for over eight months.

“Thanks to the Women’s Fund, Crisis Control Ministry has been able to increase our capacity to help women and their families who are on the edge of self-sufficiency but needed additional access to skills training and resources,” said Crisis Control Executive Director Margaret Elliott.  “The grant has helped to expand our mission so that not only are we now helping families to get through a temporary crises, we’re also helping to prevent recurring crises and can work with individuals to achieve self-sufficiency!”

*Linda’s name has been changed to protect her privacy

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