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Effective Programs and Curricula

The Women's Fund recommends that organizations seeking to implement a teen pregnancy prevention program utilize an existing program that has been demonstrated to be effective rather than try to create a new program.

Here are some resources about what consitutes an effective program:

Copy That:  Guidelines for Replicating Programs to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
This booklet lays out several factors that should be considered when replicating a teen pregnancy prevention program.

Effective Programs Database
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy has a searchable database of effective programs. These interventions have been evaluated and have demonstrated some evidence of success in changing behavior related to teen pregnancy. More specifically, the programs had success in delaying the initiation of sex, improving contraceptive use, and/or decreasing teen pregnancy (including secondary pregnancy/births).

Healthy Youth Act Implementation Guide
In 2009, the North Carolina General Assembly changed North Carolina’s sexuality education law by passing the Healthy Youth Act. This guide provides a great overview of the requirements of the Healthy Youth Act and how communities and school districts can implement the act most effectively. The document describes the seventeen characteristics of an effective curriculum and provides good overviews of several of the curricula that are most commonly used in North Carolina (and recommended by The Women's Fund). 

What Works 2011-2012:  Curriculum-Based Program That Help Prevent Teen Pregancy.
This document from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy provides an overview of what kinds of programs have been proven to be effective and provides charts summarizing 32 different programs. 

For more information about specific programs listed in our Mini-Grant Guidelines click on the links below.

Programs for Youth in After-School and Community Based Settings

Programs for Parents

Faith-based Programs

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