How to Form a Group Membership

Group membership is the most popular way to become a member of The Women’s Fund and our group leaders are the Stars! They join together with friends, family, fellow workers, neighbors, and acquaintances to collectively pay dues associated with their group membership level and receive a vote for our grants. The leaders coordinate their groups and have found the experience rewarding. Interested? Here are suggestions to get you started…

RECRUITINGWho’s in your group?

• Talk to fellow women who share a common interest. The most successful arrangement is with people you know so consider asking women involved in your natural associations such as family, work, religious groups, hobbies, your neighborhood (for example we have mother/daughter/granddaughter, and sisters groups, Wake Forest University student group, the Marshall Street Mavens, and even a group of Margarets!). A group can consist of as few as 2 women and as many as 12, as long as group membership dues are collectively paid.

• Organize a get together, house party, or email conversation.

INFORMINGHow does your group learn about The Fund?

• Invite a speaker from The Women’s Fund to address your potential group members.

• Share this website ( so everyone can learn about The Women’s Fund.

JOININGWhat do you do to make it official?

• Designate a group leader as the coordinator, who will be the central contact for The Women’s Fund. She will help collect the group’s payments, gather your group together for voting in the fall, and cast your group’s vote on the grant recipients.

• Choose a fun name for your group—otherwise you will be called something like Group #130!

• Have everyone fill out the participation card (please include the group leader’s name or group's name on the form and on the memo line of your check) and include it with her check, made out “The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem” or members can pay online with a credit card (if this is done, there is no need to fill out the participation card). Bookkeeping is simpler if all the memberships are turned in together, but we will gladly accept them individually if that uncomplicates the effort.  If forming a Full-time Student Member Group, please complete and return the Student Eligibility Form with your participation Form.

Send all memberships to The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem, 751 W. Fourth Street, Suite 200, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

GETTING INVOLVEDNow that your group has joined, what can you do?

• Come to one of our Social Change Exchanges or other events held periodically throughout the year.

• If you are on Facebook, “like” The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem ( to receive the timeliest updates of news and events.

• If you are Instagram or Twitter, "follow" The Women's Fund of Winston-Salem (@womenfundsws) for photos of Fund members and activities! 

• Join a committee! Match your interest with the work of the committees for a fun way to get to know our other great members.

• Gather your group together during the year for some social time, community service, or discussion in addition to your grant voting session.

• Make sure to plan ahead for your grant voting session in the fall (usually late September to mid-October) so your group can participate in the grant discussions. This is the most important part of your membership and it’s a great way to connect with your group.


Below are helpful links and email templates to help Group Leaders further engage their group members. 


Email Templates:

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