2014 Grantee Partners

In 2014, The members of The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem awarded $105,000 in grants to eight local nonprofit organizations to address the economic security of women and girls in Forsyth County.

Community Grants Program

Experiment in Self-Reliance is awarded $15,000 to recruit and train two groups of women to participate in the Individual Development Account Program.  ESR’s IDA Program serves working low-income individuals in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County community, helping eligible families become first-time homeowners. Since 1999, ESR has helped nearly 500 low-income individuals become new homebuyers in Forsyth County.

Family Services is awarded $25,639 to pilot a program that will assist 30 female victims of domestic violence with financial education to increase their opportunities for better employment and increase self-sufficiency. Women will be recruited from the Family Services Battered Women’s Shelter and through domestic violence clients who seek services at Family Services.

Griffith Elementary GO Club is awarded $2,850 to provide mentoring and enrichment programming to 30 elementary school girls from Griffith Elementary School.  Griffith is a Title One school, with 91% of its students receiving free or reduced lunch.  Each girl has a staff mentor who participates with Go club activities in school and outside of school.  

Horizons Residential Care Center is awarded $6,325 to provide 20 female Habilitation Technicians training and state certification to become certified Medication Aids.  Once the status of Medication Aid is received, women will automatically receive a pay increase from Horizons. This win-win situation provides female employees with higher wages and helps Horizons increase the skill set of current employees.  Since 1973, Horizons has provided residential services to children and adults living with physical and intellectual disabilities.  

The Shepherd’s Center of Winston-Salem is awarded $5,000 to pilot a program that will provide teams of volunteers who will assist socially isolated older women identified as living 200% below the poverty level.  Shepherd Center’s volunteer teams will serve as a support system and connect older women with resources needed to help them become financially secure.  

Smart Start is awarded $30,000 to provide Educator Scholarships to 20 women who are qualified child care providers and directors enrolled Early Childhood Education programs.  Women receiving scholarships are part of a larger cohort of women who are striving to obtain the necessary certification that will increase the quality of education in childcare center classrooms.  These certifications will also help women become eligible for higher pay in the childcare centers where they work. 

Grassroots Grants Program

The Shalom Project is awarded $10,000 to identify, engage, and assist 15 women living in poverty by providing allies who will help them move out of poverty through the Circle ® program. Statistics have shown that after 18 months in the program, Circle Leaders average a 27% increase in income, a 27% decrease in utilization of public assistance benefits, and an 88% increase in assets. 

Hosanna House is awarded $10,000 to identify and employ 11 women challenged by barriers such as substance abuse, chronic homelessness, and criminal histories by providing hands-on employment training and job skills through Community Employment Training Labs.  The training lab will operate out of 25th Street Laundromat in Winston-Salem.  Women in the program will receive on-the-job training through the laundry facility.  Since 1999, Hosanna House of Transition has provided residential services for chronically homeless residents living in East Winston-Salem.

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