Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just give directly to my favorite organizations?

One goal of the Women’s Fund is to stimulate new and increased giving by focusing more attention on issues relevant to women and girls. By giving to the Fund you are leveraging your gift through the power of collective giving. Your gift makes greater impact because it is combined with others to make significant grants to organizations that are transforming the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County. That said, we hope that you will give to both The Women's Fund and to your other favorite organizations!

Who can become members?

The Women's Fund is a welcoming and inclusive community, striving to reflect the entire community we serve.  We celebrate diverse approaches and points of view, and we welcome all to join our membership and support our efforts to improve the lives of local women and girls.

Can you explain the different membership levels?  Are there different benefits for each?

The only difference in our membership levels is the dollar level at which a member chooses to participate. Otherwise, members at any level have one vote to help select the grants that will receive funding.

•    Sustaining Member: $1,200
•    Supporting Member: $600
•    Associate Member: $100
•    Full-time Student Member: $25

What were the membership model changes that started in 2020?

In the past, the Women’s Fund offered individual memberships at $1,200 and group memberships where individuals could pool their resources to contribute to a group membership totaling $1,200.  One vote was given for each group membership, so group members only had a portion of one vote.

After holding listening sessions, The Women’s Fund heard a desire for a simplified membership model to enhance our democratic grants process, ultimately resulting in four individual membership levels giving every member the power of one vote. With our new model, it's easy to become a member and also easier to explain. Previous group members are highly encouraged to continue gathering for meaningful conversation throughout the year as they connect over a mutual desire to help women and girls in our community.

How does the Fund use its membership dollars?

Grantmaking: 65% of each membership goes into our grants fund for investment back into the community. The amount available to grant each fall is determined by how much is raised through memberships and other contributions.

Endowment: 25% of each membership is added to our endowment fund to build for future generations of women and girls.

Programs & Outreach: 10% of each membership goes into our program and outreach fund. This is used for member events, outreach materials, and other general operating costs such as our membership in the Women’s Funding Network.

Can I financially support the Women’s Fund without being a member?

Yes, and donations of any size can help transform the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County. You can designate that your gift be used for:

  • The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem Fund: your contribution supports the Women’s Fund’s mission, grantmaking, and programming today.
  • The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem Endowment: your contribution builds the Fund’s endowment for the future.
  • The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem Grantmaking Fund: your contribution supports The Fund’s grantmaking in the community

For any donation, you can make a tribute gift in memory or in honor of a special person or in celebration of an event in someone's life. The honoree (or their family, in the case of a memorial gift) will receive a special card from The Women's Fund acknowledging your gift. (All tribute gifts of $50 or more will be highlighted in the annual luncheon program.)

How is The Women’s Fund affiliated with The Winston-Salem Foundation?

The Women’s Fund is an advised fund and an initiative of The Winston-Salem Foundation, which also provides significant administrative and operating support, allowing most of our income to be invested back into the community to create social change that benefits the lives of women and girls in Forsyth County.

Would you come to speak to my group or organization about the Women’s Fund?

Yes. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to your group about The Women’s Fund. Please reach out to us!

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