Beyond Grantmaking

Moving beyond research and grantmaking for collective impact

As a group of passionate women committed to making a difference, we welcome new ideas by listening to each other and directly-impacted people. Our community supports one another by sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities to contribute and make a difference in the lives of local women and girls.

As we’ve been listening and researching critical issues facing women and girls, our members have increasingly recognized the need to fervently take action. To successfully disrupt the systems that cause disparities based on race and gender, we must join together and fully leverage all of our available resources to build a better future for Forsyth County.  

In Spring 2021, we led a three-part conversation series on our latest Through a Gender Lens report. A resounding theme from these community conversations was a desire to move beyond discussing issues and start taking action. We recognize that to create meaningful change, we must join organized efforts that build collective purpose and power in ways that individuals can’t alone.  Read more below about the four areas of impact that emerged from these conversations.

Areas of Impact

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